The Academy Church


 Jaiden Shear (Senior) shared a pointed message with us on why she gave her heart to Christ. Jaiden serves as Student Chaplain, Resident Assistant in the girl's dorm, and shares many of her talents with us.


Thomas Copley (Junior) shares a worship song her wrote, "Good to Me," at our Friday Night Vespers. Thomas serves as the Impact Worship Lead, and as a Resident Assistant in the guy's dorm. 


                      Our Mission


       We fulfill the Great Commission by nurturing, loving, supporting, and growing disciples of Christ through a safe environment and practical ministries.



 ****The above video was taken pre-COVID -19.

                                 Worship With Us

Study Groups:    Saturdays @ 9:45 A.M.  [We are now holding 1 adult study group in the mornings in the church fellowship hall. Come and join!!!]

Main Service:     Saturdays @ 10:40 A.M. (Until Aug. 8)

Ignite:    Wednesday @ 7:00 P.M.

Friday Night Vespers:  Friday @ 7:30 P.M. (Starting Aug. 14)




September 27
Food Pantry 12 - 2 PM



                          Visit our Bass Memorial Academy & School faithlife page.

      You will find our online bulletin, Chaplain's Corner (a weekly devotional thought), a Bible reading plan, submit prayer requests, and more.



Marks of a strong disciple at the Bass Memorial Academy Church….


G athering together to worship.

R eading the Bible daily and applying it to our lives.

A ctive servants in giving.

C ommitted lives to Christ.

E ncouraging and serving one another.