Study Groups (Sabbath School)

Updated: June 10, 2021

                                Saturdays @ 9:30 AM

[Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, our Saturday study groups are currently suspended. We look forward to meeting and studying together again and will keep you updated]


Beginners/Kindergarten -

Ages 6 and Below

Located to adjacent to the sanctuary on the first floor. Join in on singing and developing an early desire to follow Jesus.


Primary/Junior -

Ages 7-12

Located upstairs, the Primary/Junior Sabbath School dives into activities, discussions, and the sabbath school lesson for the week.


Earliteen/Youth -

Ages 13-17

Located in the Chapel building. Join in with the Academy students in worship music, discussion, and break out sessions. Come early and enjoy breakfast at 9:00 AM. All students meet at 9:30 for worship music before breaking off into smaller groups.


Cornerstone Connections


Stan Nelson, an elder in the church and educator at the Academy, leads a youth study group that meets in the Learning Center.


Collegiate/Young Adult-

Ages 19 - 35

Located in the room to the left of the stage. We are developing a young adult study group and community at the Bass Memorial Church this year. Even if you fit outside the age demographic, all are welcome. Discuss, study, and pray together. Whether you are single, dating, or married, it is our hope you will find a place here.


Adults -

Ages 35+

Group 1 - Meets in the Fellowship Hall. Currently this group is studying the Sabbath School Quarterly

Group 2 - Meets in the room across from the Pastor's Office. Currently the group is studying "Acts of The Apostles."


Sabbath School Ministry Leader:

Terri Martin


****Please Contact Terri Martin if you have any ideas, concerns, or questions concerning Sabbath Schools.****